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via funnyjunk.com

Confused in Google Drive?

Afraid of Excel?

Already freaking out about the E-Port?

Take a look at one of the great videos available on this site! Peer Mentors throughout the years have created and narrated dozens of How-To videos for you to reference for just about anything SJSU Library School related. Take a look!


don’t let the term papers get you down

via hercampus.com

via hercampus.com

Digging into your first term paper? Near fear! The writing center is at your fingertips. Here are some great resources for you to take a look at.

Writing Tutoring: This is a free service through SLIS that is conducted by graduate students who have met rigorous GPA requirements and have been trained at SJSU’s Writing Center. Tutoring sessions are one-on-one through Collaborate to accommodate online students. To set up a tutoring session, contact the SLIS office by emailing the SLIS Office. Be sure to include your course number and the type of assignment you will be working on. For Writing Tutoring FAQ and an example of a tutoring session, go HERE.

Writing Resources: A wide range of writing resources, including a series of recorded writing workshops on APA citations, punctuation and research (available here) as well as writing tutorials, grammar guides and a comprehensive list of essay writing information (available here). 

Oh! And don’t forget the amazing resources at the MLK Library especially the databases specifically to MLIS students here! 


did ya know about?

Taking a look at SJSU’s website can get a bit overwhelming at times but I promise there is great info there for you to benefit from! Here are two standouts:

Student Blog:  This blog is run and updated by a current SJSU iSchool student and encourages feedback and interaction with other students. I’m subscribed to the blog so updates come automatically to my email. You don’t even know how many times they have reminded me about an upcoming deadline I forgot about!

Career Development: You don’t have to leave grad school even more confused about your career than when you began. Take a look at the site to:


librarian: choose your own adventure


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So you have decided to become a librarian, great! Most students can spend the first few semesters focusing on core classes but you should start thinking about a career pathway now. SJSU offers a dozen career pathways to choose from, all with a list of classes needed to complete the pathway. While some pathways offer lenient class requirements (i.e. Youth Librarianship) others require certain class completions in order to be qualified (i.e. Teacher Librarianship).

Career pathway options include:


ala perks and associations

Did you know that SJSU enrolls all new students in a one year membership of ALA (American Library Organization)? Take advantage of this free membership (and your student status) to enroll in an ALA Division. Here are a few to look into:imgres

AASL: American Association of School Librarians

ALCTS: Association for Library Collections & Technical Services

ALSC: Association for Library Services to Children

ACRL: Association of College & Research Libraries imgres-1

ASCLA: The Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies

LITA: The Library and Information Technology Association

LLAMA: Library Leadership & Management Associationimgres-2

PLA: Public Library Association

RUSA: Reference & User Services Association

YALSA: Young Adult Library Services Association


student status = free shipping!

Think being a student again sucks? Not if it gets you a free six month subscription of Amazon Prime! Just sign-up with your .edu email account and receive all these benefits below:

amazonstudentAfter the six month trial period, Amazon Prime does cost but it is at a discounted rate of $49 a year- half the cost of a regular membership. So what are you waiting for, go sign-up!

P.S. Special thanks to The Mobile Librarian for inspiration!


procrastination’s bff

If you are like me, then you think this on a weekly basis:

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via quickmeme.com

People like me are called procrastinators and we can get into a lot of trouble if we don’t stay on top of our procrastination. To tame this beast, I found a companion called “organization” and life became so much easier.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

1) Google: Have an email that isn’t Google? Get a Google one for school. Not only does Google streamline to all mobile devices, it is basically what I do 60% of my school work on. Without Google, I would not know how to have an online environment.

2) Calendar: Now that you have Google, set up a calendar. Make one for work, school, and every class you are taking. I also use it to block off time to do homework. Have an assignment due on Tuesday? Block off a few hours over the weekend to tackle it. You will make plans around it and stick to a schedule so you aren’t staying up until 2AM the night before.

3) Drive: The best thing about Google is Drive.  School isn’t the only time I use Drive; so much of my work and personal documents are stored on there. I’m not saying upload you social security number, but keep notes on there you might

via memespp.com

via memespp.com

need to access in a pinch (doctor names and info, lease agreements, etc) You can create spreadsheets, make slideshows, and write basic papers. Plus, when you share it with others, group projects become an absolute breeze.

4) Table and Chair: I don’t care if I hear someone say they get their best work done in their bed or on the couch; nothing beats a comfortable (and study) chair and table. Once I started using mine, I became more focused and did more work in one sitting than before. Plus, it makes you look like a grown-up.

What types of organization do you rely on for work and school?